How To Apply

You can apply for SSDI benefits in person at the Social Security Administration, online, or come into our office and we will do it with you. Likewise, SSI applications must be completed at the Social Security Administration. Unfortunately, most initial applications for benefits are turned down. We encourage you not to give up and to appeal your unfavorable decision. After your initial turndown, we can help you file a Request for Reconsideration as well as a Request for Hearing before an Administrative Law Judge.

We do not give up on your case. In the unfortunate event that you are turned down by an Administrative Law Judge, we will consult with you regarding your decision. We are familiar with the appeals process and what it takes to win an appeal. Furthermore, Roger is one of only a handful of attorneys in West Tennessee with experience arguing your appeal in United States District Court. The team at Roger Stanfield’s office is committed to helping you win disability benefits no matter the status of your claim. If you want to apply for benefits or have already applied and been denied, call Roger. All consultations are free of charge.